1.000-person-ventelisten leggings er tilbage og mere stilfuld end nogensinde

Matching Crop top and Leggings
Courtesy Bandier

Alexis Parente

15. aug. 2017 @ 6:45 pm
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Earlier this year, BANDIER launched a five-color collaboration with Ultracor, which resulted in MEST lystværdige stjerne leggings. These leggings had a 1,000 person waiting list before they even launched-they continued to sell twice. So if it’s not inked … you know the rest.

BANDIER x Ultracor er igen med et nyt samarbejde kaldet Summer Storm. The collection consists of 11 pieces covered by lynboltsmotiver and med leggings, sportsbras, crop plates, jackets and a super hot unitard (yes, seriously!).

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Til dette samarbejde sættes BANDIER og Ultracor fokus på klædedragtens pasform. For optimal comfort and performance, the leggings have a higher waistband, a thicker waistband and no center seam (between us: that means you can say goodbye to the camel-toe). Plus, hver Ultracor legging er lavet med patenteret indbygget shapewear, der løfter røret, går i indgreb i kernen og flader maven. Ja, det er stort set vores drøm leggings.


Gennemse og shoppe den nyligt introducerede Bandier x Ultracor Summer Storm-kollektion, som sælger fra $ 98 til $ 250.

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