15 overgangsbelægninger to carry before it is warm outside

Transitional Coats
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Jenna Pizzuta

og Ruthie Friedlander

16. februar 2018 @ 10:00
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It almost officielt forår, which means that temperatures rise, the flowers get ready to bloom and your wardrobe can become lighter, lighter and more playful. Super spændende. Men dette overgangsvejr kan også vise sig vanskeligt. Today is it 60 degrees, i morgen er det 30. What is a well-dressed woman to do?

Tip: Layering er din bedste ven, og kraften i en overgangsbeklædning i tider som dette er monumental. You’re wearing a heavy knitting, keeping you warm in February, and when you’re paired with jeans and a tee in May, you want to be comfortable and ready for the spring.

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