5 Easy Office Uniforms til den travle arbejdskvinde

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Andrea Cheng

17. maj 2016 @ 14:45

Vi har travlt. We have things to do, places to go to and people to see. And desperate to find out what to wear at work does not just cut our morning routine, but it derives so much mental energy. That’s why we love the idea of ​​a everyday uniform. Ironically, it is liberating at work within restrictions – endless combinations, and an overwhelming amount of possibilities can be overwhelmingly self (and that is why this one ad exec had the same every day for three years).

For at your life (and our lives easier), we have formidable formulas that are elegant (some are a couple of this season’s biggest trends), og kan hjælpe dig med at komme i gang med tiden. Study these five safe uniforms, use one every day of the week, then repeat.