6 af Vores Favorit Sweater-and-Skirt Combos til forår

Trøjer and Skirts - LEAD
Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

Anna Hecht

25. april 2016 @ 17:00

Forklædning til vejret can be difficult. With fluctuating temperatures and regular rain showers, it is not an easy task to decide on a full time noise. In such cases we have found ourselves feminine skirts and light sweaters. When paired together, the result is easy, but beautifully ensemble that will keep you comfortable – even in unpredictable climates..

And the best thing about sweater-skirt combo? There are countless opportunities (especially now where the stores are full of spring mark). For at se for dig selv har vi afrundet seks streetstjerner med chic kjørt-sweater combos, plus shoppable alternativer til at genskabe udseendet fra hjemmet.

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