A-YO! Se 30 af Lady Gagas bedste Joanne Promo Looks

Vil Heath / NBC

Jonathan Borge

Nov 05, 2016 @ 14:00

Lady Gaga er først og fremmest en student i mode. Of course she’s known for turning to brand names like Alexander McQueen, Versace and Saint Laurent for her ensembler, but generally the 30-year-old pop star has never been afraid to experiment with fresh young designers who make her outfits unlike them enhver anden.

It’s exactly what she’s done as she promotes her burning, hot fifth studio album Joanne. Gaga has sported the work with fresh beginners, as you may never have heard of, all while throwing in staples, there is regular rotation in her wardrobe. The most remarkable piece from her new musical era is her hands down the pink wide white hat she carries on the album’s cover.

The custom $ 680 Gladys Tamez accessory has carried Gaga from one look to the next, along with a colorful screen of theme look that will undoubtedly be among her most iconic decades. And mens there is a touch of country twang in its newest aesthetics, remember that Lady is a pop star, and we often surprise us with updated riffs on classics like LBD.

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