Den sværeste modetrend for at prøve dette efterår (bogstaveligt tal)

Bi Fashion Trend - LEAD
Christian Vierig / Getty

Andrea Cheng (Tekst) og Wendy Wallace (Marked)

17. august 2016 @ 18:00
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Out of all the animals in the kingdom are the most unexpected, least likely to dominate harvest mode not even really classified as an animal – it’s an insect (although it is den smukkeste omkring). Humlebiet has come out at the top, spread his wings and decorate everything from striped button-down shirts to Gucci’s famous Princetown Jacquard Loafer Homesko. Og vi forstår allure. Selvom Julie Andrews engang opførte sig som en af ​​hendes ikke-elskede ting i Lyden af ​​musik, den bevingede sort-gul-honning-making skabning symboliserer samfund, lysstyrke og personlig magt. It’s even kind of sweet – from a distance. 

And there are several ways to channel brightness and power on. Play the bi-motif with a fed press on a pair of pants or make it subtle with a teeny-little pendant. In some ways, we are pretty sure that the bee will last throughout the season. For at hjælpe dig med at undgå bumbling din vej gennem trenden, vi afrundede en bikube af ni chic stykker, der simpelthen er biet knæ (sorry, we could not help it). 

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