Editor-Testet: Best Bras for Fuller Busts

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Lashauna Williams

24. marts 2018 @ 11:00
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This is a common scenario for most women who are larger than a D-cup. Picture: You go into a department store and see rows of beautiful lacy bras in vivid colors, and you’ll see the perfect style. If you are able to find your size, go to the passenger room to try it only to discover the most uncomfortable, uncomfortable bra in your life (hug here and stab). You turn back to the floor and feel defeated and walk over to the back of the room where the rack of boring neutral colored bra hangs. 

Sounds good? Well, our editors also had enough of these disappointing shopping experiences, so we decided to test some stylish and sexy bras in styles that were available in larger head sizes. Read on to get our honest impression of the passport and comfort of these braziers, some of which go up on an H-cup. And while you’re here, use this guide to create your own shopping list.

VIDEO: Selena Gomez går bra-fri


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