Elizabeth og James Tilføj til nye dufte til deres Nirvana Fragrance

Under et langvarigt interview med Ashley og Mary-Kate Olsen i sommer til vores september-udgave (på aviskiosker i fredags), I had a lot of time to discuss the development of their fashion industry over the years. One of the things that impressed me most was that the designers succeeded in the last decade, while maintaining their independence. And it has given them the freedom to run things exactly as they fit, for example, to bring the production of their Elizabeth and James collection to house this year or to open a Manhattan store for The Row, there is a gallery of modern art and furniture as there is a room for clothes.

Another example of their ability to grow into new areas – while remaining consistent for their vision – is the extension of their Nirvana fragrance collection this month with two new fragrances. Nirvana Black og Nirvana Hvide dufter, som blev store hits til Sephora, da de blev introduceret i 2013, vil nu blive tilsluttet af Nirvana Bourbon og Nirvana Rose. The fun is that when they chose the ingredients for the new flavor, Olsens says they went back to some of the same ones who attracted them in the first place.

Elizabeth and James Embed

“We are the most consistent people,” says Ashley with grin.

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“Det er ikke for langt væk, hvor vi var med sort og hvid,” siger Mary-Kate. “Rose is more of a Rose de Mai essence, with a little vetiver, Bourbon has a vanilla tone for it, so it’s a smoky, richer feeling. It was great to play with color The world is not all black and white, so the question was, how do we get out of this idea? These reflect the colorful, legendary side of life, imagination and fun. “

And it’s also important to add scents that clearly elicit color because they bring the sense of variation to Elizabeth and James the business, which has expanded over categories from denim to knitting this season. Their entire product range is now also visible at the new store they opened in Los Angeles in The Grove last month.

“The reason why we launched with two fragrances in the first place was that we wanted women to have opportunities,” says Ashley, “so now we expand these options.”

The new scents arrived online at Sephora.com this week and will be in stores beginning 19 August ($ 85 each for a 1.7 fl. Oz. Flaske).

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