Få flirtende med disse 9 kvaststykker til sommer

Butik the Style Tassels Lead

Priya Rao

31. maj 2016 @ 17:00
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Sommeren er endelig hende. And with the arrival of the sunny season, we already dream about long weekends on the beach and far outings to exciting destinations. Men lad os se det: Realistisk kan vi ikke være på ferie i tre måneder lige godt, ikke alle os!

En måde at bringe den ubekymrede sensibilitet til din mandag til fredag ​​rutine er gennem din garderobe. Kvindene is a festive and easy way to bring your vacation to you, like its cozy modpar pom-poms. Den eksotiske accoutrement gives a bohemian quality to any piece, whether it’s an embroidered linen maxi dress or a leather bodice bag. Plus, det er super legende. With almost every step you take, your tassels will swing and swing in joy.

When you wear a brushed piece, make sure to keep the rest of your appearance simple. If you have a pinned skirt, try to pair it back to a sharp, white Oxford, and if a broom-accented Kimono is in your future, marry a light tank, boyfriend’s jeans and minimal glides. Fremad, få udseendet med disse 9 kvaststykker. Husk, sommeren er her, så klæd den del. 

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