For Real: Du kan vælge, hvor meget du betaler for disse tøj


Alexis Bennett

12. maj 2017 @ 12:45
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Husk Everlane’s epic Vælg hvad du betaler program? It’s a smart strategy, at the brand came up to get rid of overloaded items, and it still goes strong with 66 items that were recently added. Of course Everlane could simply cut prices on its extra inventory like other companies, but that would just be boring. Det kreative mærke gør online shopping lidt sjovt for os alle.

For example, there is an open-back top that will traditionally sell to $ 155. But you can choose to pay $ 48, $ 55, $ 62. It sounds like a trick question, right? Men det er det ikke. Go ahead and make your choice. The brand, which has always appreciated being customer relations, will explain exactly what you pay for when you have made a choice.


E2 Åben Tilbage Top

| $ 48, $ 55 eller $ 62

Køb det

If you went with $ 48, you want to learn that 10 percent goes to Everlane-sum covering development and freight costs. Vælg $ 55, og du dækker alt ovenfor, plus overhead for medarbejderne. Går du med $ 62? This will cover everything mentioned above, giving the brand the opportunity to invest in creating new products.

VIDEO: Amazon ændrer den måde vi handler på


Vi elsker, at Everlane gør tingene gennemsigtige for kunderne. Det er helt sikkert, at vi ønsker at handle med mærket oftere. You might as well go for fun and check more Choose what you pay for goods in front.

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