Gabrielle Union Masters Summer Dressing med en $ 63 Kjole

Gabrielle Unions upåklagelige stilstrejke fortsætter. Denne gang gav den 44-årige skuespillerinde os sommerfeber i en stropløs kjole. It turns out, at the blomstretryknummeret, as she paired with yellow sandals, is actually a look, as Eva Mendes has designed for her collaboration with New York & Company. Og den bløde kjole comes with a price of $ 63 (shop like her) – something we all appreciate.

In fact, the majority of Eva Mendes gathering to New York & Company is quite affordable. There are more skirts on the line below $ 50 and there are beautiful blouses, which you can score for less than $ 30.

VIDEO: Kopier Gabrielle Union’s Glossy Red Lips


Union has also collaborated with New York & Company to create more trendy styles that will not break the bank. Det er helt forfriskende at se så mange celebs tage en pause fra at have luksusdesign til at fremme overkommelig mode. Og Unionens nyeste outfit er bare et bevis på, at du stadig kan se ud som en stjerne uden at bruge store penge.

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