InStyle Editors Sæt ‘Ultimate Summer Leggings’ til testen

Der er leggings, og så er der højteknologisk leggings. Products from Tommie Copper-som invoices as a brand to swallow copper-compression sleeves and clothes-definitely fall in the latter camp. Mænd hvad kan kobberkomprimering gøre for mig, du spørger? There is a legitimt spørgsmål! 

Basically, the brand product is designed specifically to promote sales; They also help with muscle regeneration and support. Så er der den specielle 4D Lycra, som leggings er lavet af. Indkapslet i kobber og zink claims the superstrenged substance itself on magical properties like anti-odor technology, sun protection and body temperature regulation. 

VIDEO: De bedste leggings til løb

There are some store requirements! Men hvis de er sande, er de meget it ultimative sommer leggings. Mulling dette gjorde vi, hvad et hold af fashion-obsessede redaktører ville gøre: Vi tog ud til en testkørsel. Her er hvad vores besætning havde at sige om Tommie Copper’s nyeste varer. 

Hilsen (4)

Køb leggings: Tommie Copper kompression capri, $ 50; Tommie Copper kompression legging, $ 60;

“I had a small size and they fit perfectly, very comfortable and not limiting. The material is very soft, elastic and smooth. I took a Barre class, and they definitely wore away sweat and helped cool my body. They did not have engang følelse af kompressionstøj, bare normal træningsbeklædning. “-Steffi Lee, Assistant Fashion Editor

“I thought that they might not be the most comfortable in the world to carry – but I had soldier for this one historier skyld. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the style while it was close enough to hold up all the powerful burpees, was flat and soft. I can not talk to an order yet (I had to peel them and switch til arbejde), men i’m testing it soon – it’s a good excuse to let them go all day! “-Alison Syrett, Fashion Writer

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“Tommie Copper Compression leggings did not overheat me – even when I carried them on 90 degree day! They moved with my body and I did not feel that I had to adjust them consistently.” -Ann Jacoby, Assistant Fashion Editor

“With the summer I’m really looking at leggings that can absorb sweat. It’s so embarrassing to walk around sweaty spots after your workouts! These leggings did not only have a great absorbent effect, but remained at the same time breathable.” -Stephanie Perez-Gurri, Assistent Tilbehør Editor

“For anyone who walked straight from the gymnastics hall to run around the city, I found these leggings perfect for me! They were accurate enough to keep me comfortable and safe during my workouts, but allowed me to stay cool while de løb rundt i byen, der kører mine daglige ærinder. “-Taylor Reagan, Tilbehør Assistant