Jeg hader puffer frakker. Is there an equal hot alternative?

Spurgt & Answered - Warm Coats

Ruthie Friedlander

13. november 2017 @ 10:00
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Velkommen til Asked & Answered: et meget specielt sted til en helt speciel årstid. Du ved, på årstiden, når du har en million feriegæster, familierammenkomster, og åh, er heller ikke meningen at blive koldt, selvom temperaturerne falder? It’s the holiday season, and to help you out we answer all your fashion questions so you make it look good.

Then you freeze cold and need to go your dog to have coffee at the lovely little cafe near your apartment with the so beautiful barista. What should I do? Whatever you put on, you will undoubtedly be covered with some duvet cover, which looks coat that makes you look more snowy than snowy. Medmindre … her we run on the best non-puffer coats that will actually keep you warm.

VIDEO: 30 Puffer frakker på 60 sekunder


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