Kendskab for de 8 nye “It” badetøj mærker af sommeren

Hotteste Swim Brands - LEAD

Andrea Cheng

Jun 03, 2016 @ 7:15 am

A new season requires new swimwear – from new swimwear brands. As much as we love our tried and true classics, there is something about the enchantment of a new look that is completely irresistible. The latest bølge av badetøjsdesignere (some recently launched, some have gained momentum in just a year) have swim the world with an introduction to slim, minimalistic silhouettes, open-air basics and reversible architectural pieces that also boast high performance fabrics.

En af vores favoritter? Designer Alexandra Alvarez af Alix, mastermind taske Kendall Jenner og Kim Kardashian Wests foretrukne bodybukser, har bygget on her talent for designing en-pieces and bringing them from the streets to the beach with cool convertible designs and a fun color palette. And it’s not just the design we can not get enough of. Bikyni, an online-only brand launched last year, has a genius-mix-and-match tool that is very addictive (you have been warned).

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