The best white t-shirts to carry with something

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Ann Jacoby

og Stephanie Perez-Gurri

20. april 2018 @ 12:00
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Hvid T-shirts … hvor skal man begynde? Fra min erfaring tager det en masse af indsats for at se lad. When it comes to a white tee, there are many elements to consider: cutting, length, sleeve style and neck. It does not even consider your body type and personal style.

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Det var først efter en email-tråd mellem mig og Fashion Features Director, Stephanie Trong (emne: Hvide T-shirts. Krops tekst: En intens diskussion pitting de tees, vi ved, vi elsker vs de tees, we are interested in try) i realized how elusiv a simple white t-shirt actually can be. (Very important things happen here in the office, I love!)

Thanks to this incredibly significant email chain and a pair of different tees (as you will see below), we have rounded the best white T-shirts you can carry with something … for lunch, to the club, to Købmand-helvede, You can even pair it with a blazer and carry it to Met Gala! Rul gennem og shoppe vores otte valg, herunder.

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