Vi Wore Hvad er (Danielle Bernstein) Affordable smykker samling er garanteret at sælge enhver minut nu

Lulu DK x We Wore What - Lead

Alexis Bennett

Maj 09, 2018 @ 14:30
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Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What co-operated with Lulu DK on a jewelry line, officially launched on 9th of May at Nordstrom, and despite knockoff accusations already selling goods.

Før lanceringen blev Danielle Bernstein desværre anklaget for at slå af andre smykker designere som Tiffany & Co., Retrouvai og Foundrae. Foundrae’s designer talte publicly against Bernstein’s collection on social media, according to Mennesker. And since then Bernstein has publicly turned to the accusations and said: “I would never for a million years consciously copy or try to ward off the work of another brand.” Og Nordstrom removed the questions from the collection.

Men what’s back seller at record speeds. Shoppere er freaking ud over de vedhæng halskæder, mismatch øreringe, og chunky guldringe. You can see Danielle Bernstein’s collection of versatility on her Instagram, wearing them with everything from a office-appropriate blazer to festive disco pantser.

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