20 unikke bryllupssko til bruden, der elsker en overraskelse

If you think, you know exactly what type of heel to mate with your wedding dress – from the satin material to the champagne shadow and the shadow silhouette – we are about to stop you in your tracks. Mens you can be special about the shape of your dress or wedding band, which is about to complete your engagement ring, turns out that you can get pretty creative with your shoes.

Fra popping rosa lejligheder til avantgarde to-tonede muldyr med accordeon-platforme, de fantastiske fodtøj forhøjede disse brædere til næste niveau. Their store days were infused with all the more personality, simply because they started with a very bold foundation for their bride appearance. No further ado, read on to fall in love with 20 of the most unexpected wedding shoes you’ve ever watched.

FOTO: 20 Uventede Brylluppesko


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