5 Insiders Reveal Their Fashion Week Horror Stories

På overfladen er Fashion Week, ja temmelig glamourøs – hvad med high fashion designs, stjernebelagte festivaler, smukke modeller og alle – men for dem, hvis arbejde er at gøre alt det til virkelighed (fashion industry employs more than 180,000 people in NYC, according to CFDA), it may sometimes be the farthest thing from glam, if not even stressful. Nu hvor New York Fashion Week er officielt over os, vi opfordrede fem industriinsidenter til at afsløre deres mest frygtelige oplevelser, at de nu kan grin om eftertanke. Fra at se efter street-style stjerner for at savne en flyvning, skal du læse deres første persons konti af deres bageste mareridt.

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Michelle Saunders, Essie Celebrity Manicurist

“There is a nightmare I always fear – the late models. I never know when this will happen (it’s like a bad surprise), so I have to prepare my team for the worst case scenario. I always keep my three hurtigste polermaskiner ‘på standby for denne situation.

“It happens as a rule: We have about three hours before the show time to get each model to get started, but sometimes the top models have a show in the period that might have a completely different beauty look (curly hair straight , naked lips versus red, dark nails versus light). When we begin to hear how many models are being displayed at the last minute, we get into panic mode. We begin to pair the look and I start screaming: ‘No base frakke! ‘eller’ Mal over nakne [polsk] de har! ‘ It’s pure chaos, men somehow get darker a dream when you see the models go down the runway. “

Alexandra Elizabeth, Model

“One season we had to travel from London to Milan, which was an easy 2.5 hour flight, but it turned out to be a nightmare. Firstly, our flights were canceled due to bad weather and it was impossible to reserve I had a Gucci-assembly later that day, so it was crucial that I had to be there. When we finally got a connecting flight from Heathrow (we made It went to the airport and half an hour before departure!) We boarded the plane and left us with relief only to be told that the plane had to return to the airport. Others did not take the flight and their luggage had to be relieved. It took an hour.

“Da vi landede i Genève blev vi ødelagt for at høre, på vores forbindelsesflyvning havde allerede taget afsted, så vi havde nødt til at bestille en anden flyvning. And while we waited, I discovered a stye in my eye, which was just amazing For sidste gang vi ankom til Milano 14 timer senere. It was superfluous to say I missed my Gucci care. “

Romero Jennings, MAC Cosmetics Director of Makeup Artistry

“I last season I booked for three shows and one sminktest – all in one day! I ran from my first show to my second and realized that my body kit was missing. To get an idea of ​​how important this kit is: It er som et bærbart mini-makeup kit med alle de essentielle moisturecreme, concealer, foundation, brow gel, mascara, lip conditioner og pulver til alle hudtoner – at you need line-ups (just before the models are about to run on the runway) That’s when I control my legs, shoulders, arms, ears and even fingers for redness, ashes or bruises. But the key element was my flashlight from Home Depot, which is crucial when you can not see any backstage while the lights are down. line-up før et show er virkelig, når alle elementer i udseende kommer sammen og justeres for at ensartet.

“Due to my early morning calls, I had to wait two days to drive to the nearest MAC store to rebuild my missing products. I bought all new items and a Carry All Mac bag. Min viktige backstage makeup lommelygte kunne ikke byttes før jeg kom hjem, så jeg regnet med min kollega MAC Artists for shining the light for me. Now I carry an extra flashlight and batteries in my personal luggage, just in case. “

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Judy Amanda, Backstage Dresser

“Jeg har arbejdet sammen med Barbara Berman’s backstage-team som en kommode for mere end fem år. One season had a designer the biggest dress you could imagine. When I started to put my model in its first look, I pulled and pulled on tulle og tog i kjole.Hvad et mareridt I did not break my dress, but I was so embarrassed over it and it was a flashback for my first New York Fashion Week show when I was sweat and overwhelmed by the hectic backstage scene.

“Another time my model was very small and no shoes in the collection would fit the feet and the theme of the show. I panicked – until I saw a lady standing behind and I asked her what size her shoes were.” Said 11, og jeg fortalt mig straks vejledende. I do not know what she said to her, but before I knew it, her shoes were off, and that was also my model that stretched down the track. “

Keith Morrison, Photographer

“When I began to cover fashion week, I had a little, good truth, completely zero, knowledge of the world of fashion outside of the common brands. On my first day, my client told me that I was responsible for two things on fire: getting signed signatures as well Som på sammensætte outfitark, der beskriver hvad hver enkelt person havde på. None of the documents could be used without the other, so it was a little hard. On the first day I went to Lincoln Center and was hit by the reality of what I was After a little hesitation, I followed what the other apparently savvy photographers did, only to bother turning to the individual and asking them to fill what felt like a novel. This part was not so bad, though many were tøvende med at underskrive.

“Det var dog svært at markere min kollegaers kritik for at afbryde deres skud, da jeg bælte ud:” Sorry, please sign this? “Til mange af top street stilerne, som Miroslava Duma og Leandra Medine. Jeg forbifarten hørte i utallige personer, der talte om mig med sætninger som,” Can you believe he approached (insert street style star name here) with that stupid form? I did it through that season and then a handful of more, but even in this season I’m still racing from time to time, if I chased Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s former wife) down the street when she jumped in a car.

“I can certainly laugh at it now, especially after having realized how far I’ve come since then.”