9 Spørgsmål til Broadways nye Superstar: Ana Villafañe fra Gloria Estefan Musical On Your Feet!

Rytmen er blevet Ana Villafañe! Den cubanske-amerikanske Miami-indfødte er den hidtidige nykomling på Broadway lige nu og tager rollen som Gloria Estefan i den musical På dine fødder!, som åbnet officielt i sidste uge. I den musikalske, which follows the Latin singer’s love story and her husband Emilio, helps her to tell the story of how Estefan went from Cuban immigrant to international superstar through a collection of Estefan’s biggest hits, including “Conga” and “Turn the Beat Surround . “Villafañes stemme bærer gennem Marquis Theater og til tider føles det som om du er midt i en Miami Sound Machine koncert, instead of sitting in the middle of Manhattan.

We caught up with Villafañe in the weeks before opening to learn more about how she turns into Gloria Estefan for eight shows a week. “Gloria has been around us every step of the way, and she has been so open about her life,” said actor. “She hangs out with me without work and exercise and has welcomed me to her family. I have been able to utilize her energy for the role.” And what she tries to show through her interpretation is the softer side of the icon. “Folk vil se superstjernen, men det jeg forsøger at gøre er at vise kvinden bag navnet”, sagde Villafañe. “It’s Gloria beauty, she’s genuine and so grounded.”

Rul ned for at læse mere om at blive Gloria Estefan fra den nyeste Broadway It Girl.

1. Hvad finder du mest inspirerende om Estefans?  
Their love is like a modern adventure. They left their land, they came to a new place, they had no resources, yet they found each other and gave each other the opportunity to become successful pioneers for a whole group of people. They have let their love go from a personal thing to a world-wide thing. I would like to be a part of it. The love, as we show, is scary because it exposes vulnerabilities. So to do it on stage eight times a week, it’s intense.

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2. Hvad imponerer mest om hendes historie?
Jeg elsker hvordan hun aldrig gjorde den stereotype latinske ting. Hun opstod en stil alle sine egne, som når hun havde læderhår og bustier i stedet for en Chiquita bananhue. What’s amazing for me is when everyone tried to make her something else, she knew what she wanted and she would not compromise it for success. Jeg gjorde det langsomt og Emilio succes. It all stammede from the one badass woman who said, ‘I take the risk.’

Ana Villafane
Matthew Murphy

3. Styrker Gloria musik dig?
Der er noget magisk om musik. There is something that takes you somewhere else. Latin America’s history has been so tumultuous, so I think there’s a reason why music is such a party. Gloria siger hele tiden, at music was her escape as a child. I hear it because I feel so free in his music. Publikum kan også mærke det.

4. Hvad er det mest mindeværdige øjeblik i showet for dig?
Mod slutningen, når hun kommer tilbage fra at have operation efter hendes bilulykke til at udføre på American Music Awards. Hun viste sig for alle, da hun var tilbage, og hun ville udføre for sine fans. I have talked to her a lot about the moment and she says the knees knocked. Hun var bange for ikke at kunne gå, endige at miste sin stemme og evnen til at udføre. When it comes to the moment of the show, it hits somewhere in me. I hope, at someone who sees, feel the optimism, hope and strength she had on that day.

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5. Hvad kan folk henvende sig mest til denne musical?
Temaerne er ret universelle. I think that someone can relate to being told that you can not do anything, overcome these obstacles, believe in what you are doing and do not lose yourself in the process. That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from this story, and what I’m still learning from Gloria and Emilio.

6. Dette er første gang, en mest latin-cast på Broadway. You are responsible for representing Latin Americans?
Jeg har en stor ansvar! Med musicalen fremmer vi arven fra Gloria og Emilio Estefan. What they have done is so monumental, and now it’s in our hands to bring it to a new audience, to inspire a new generation and to inspire a new group of people. The music teaches the world, especially the Latin people, how far you can go when you do not give up when you do not compromise on yourself and what happens when you stick to your traditions. Gloria and Estefan helped raise Latin culture out of ambiguity in the entertainment world and into the pop culture. It’s because of them that I can sit here and have this work.

Ana Villafane
Matthew Murphy

7. Cuba is an important part of their history because they both left. Have you ever been there with your heritage??
I have not. Min mor er cubanske, og jeg voksede op i Miami, så selvfølgelig er der meget cubanske indflydelse, fordi samfundet der har bygget Miami i hvad det er i dag. There is a sense of pride over Cuba by the way, but going back to the country is a careful subject. My family history was our relationship with Cuba not beautiful, so I have to wait and bid my time because it may mean that you approve or approve the regime there. Det ville bryde min bedsteforældres hjerter.

8. Tror du, at du i sidste ende vil gå?
For now it’s the intangible place that only exists in the stories I’ve heard grow up. Det eksisterer kun i min fantasi. I can not wait before I go, actually can be a reality for me. Men there are certain things, I’d like to see you in the country before I go and condone it.

9. Hvad vil du fortælle unge piger, der har drømme om at gøre det på Broadway?
Der er virkelig noget der stopper dig. Det er muligt at lave det. It is possible to do what you love. It is possible to remain a normal person in the middle of it all. Jeg tror, ​​på dette show er eksemplarisk af det.

Ana Villafane
Sarah Balch for InStyle.com

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