Adrienne Bailon er engageret! Se Hendes Massive Diamantring

Tillykke med Adrienne Bailon og nytiltalte forlovede Israel Houghton! Den rigtige co-vært meddelte hendes forlovelse fredag ​​med en blændende video af hendes massive nye rock.

Houghton could not have chosen a more romantic place to pop the question. The couple have had time together in Paris – eat sweet treats along the Seine, visit local shops and slams in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower on a riverboat cruise. Manden Bailon calls “My love of love” even surprised her by flying in her parents who celebrate their wedding anniversary, joining them in their Parisian fairy tales.

Du. Mig. oui.

En video indsendt af Adrienne Bailon (@adriennebailon) på

It seems that it was not the only surprise Houghton had in the store for the former Cheetah Girl på deres romantiske ferie. Jeg hendes seneste Instagram-indlæg glæder Bailon sin smukke engagementlov, blændende mod natternes mørke i al sin pragt. The sparkling Eiffel Tower, seen in the background, does not even begin to compete with the diamond. Den 32-årige wrote in the appropriate way the post “You. Me. Oui.”

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We can expect many more magic moments to come to the couple who made their relationship public in April.

Fransk Kiss xo #Paris #EiffelTower #SeineRiver #YachtsDeParis @ihoughton �� @nyricanmama (thnx Mami) Checkout min snapchat! RealAdrienneB

En video indsendt af Adrienne Bailon (@adriennebailon) på

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