Alle gange Ariel Winter Shut Down Body Shamers

Hvis du savnede det, mr. Ariel Winter (Moderne Familie stjerne, kropspositiv helt) supreme when it comes to putting haters in their place.

Vinter 19, som længe har været et populært mål for body shamers online-angreb, er velbevandret i Clapbacks kunst.

In the course of the years, the girl has just set her game and taken her social media to her new height with her occasional twitter “rant” and willing to come to the defense of her fellow star.

Rul ned for at se alle de bedste øjeblikke, Winter Tog står.

Da hun dømt kjolekode

I begyndelsen af ​​maj deltog vinter i en screening af Moderne Familie Sæson 8 premiere sammen med sine medvirkende medlemmer. Herre tv-familie ankom i business-casual påklædning (Ty Burrell brugte endda jeans), the former child star chose a sparkling gold minidress with visible shoulders and a meat area section that revealed a lot of cleavage.

Mænd med ultra-glam vinter stående ved siden af ​​hendes uformelle co-stars brændte hatere.
Neste dag henvendte sig til teenageren sartorial drama med en note til sine kritikere: “Why TF are anyone worried that I did not dress casually like everyone else at the panel?” Ariel skriver. “Why should I be like everyone else? Why can not people just let other people feel good about themselves and do what they want? BE WHERE YOU WANT TO FOLLE! As long as you’re good about yourself, it’s important. I never did. Never let anyone bother who you are and how to express yourself. Rant over 🙂 “


Et indlæg delt af ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) den

Da hun havde korte shorts

During the summer the winter was driven to defend her right to wear shorts (yes, really) after body skimmers had trouble with her warm weather.

“Svært irritated over focus on the fact that I wear shorts and comments, that I” hug “into them or the idea that it’s not ok for me to wear shorts,” wrote the 19-year-old. “Det er sommer. Kom over det.”

“I’m not a whore because I wear shorts and tank tops.” I’m a normal girl, “she continued..

“Jeg er heller ikke” klemme “ind i noget. Mine shorts passer mig, og alt jeg laver er fint,” tilføjede Winter. “Just let young women be alone.” We are just living our lives. It’s really worrying that we even have to deal with these things today. Continue to criticize everything everyone does !!!!! Rant over! “

Du fortæller dem, Ariel!

When it still was not enough

Bare til måneder efter vinterens shorts rant, skød skuespilleren tilbage til platformens fuldgas med en grundig opfølgning.

“I do not want people to realize … I’m not trying to be featured on Snapchat, I’m not trying to be everywhere, I’m literally just LIVING, and unfortunately I can not do it without paparazzi after me around every day, “began the winter in his statement, sent to Instagram.

“Jeg prøver ikke at vise dig min røv i shorts, når jeg går i købmanden.” I try to live my life. People have shorts, people have gardero functions. “None is perfect.”

“Jeg er ikke stylist!” Fortsatte hun. “I do not know what to wear every day, so I look ‘appropriate’ or ‘fashionable’. Also the screw should always look appropriate or fashionable. For what? Society? Who gets to decide what is appropriate or fashionable? I do not want people to constantly see me in the news to go for dinner or convenience store or something. I would like to be in the news when I ask after that, go to a published event, or FINALLY BETTER when I have worked / come out! trust me, I do not want to see me in shorts and put water in my car every single awful day as much as you do not. “

And because I decide to show my body occasionally, it does not mean that I am unintelligent or that I am talentless or that I have no self respect. Jeg har ekstrem respekt for mig selv, jeg har talent, og jeg er intelligent. We need to move on from this stigma that women who are comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality are just dumb sluts. ‘I just want to say how disappointed I am that, in everything in the THR article, it’s all that’s taken up. Hvor skuffende. Do it, you want people, just strive to please yourself and nobody else. “


Et indlæg delt af ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) den

Da her udtalelse var den eneste der stod

Jeg et nyligt interview med LaPalme Magazine, The winter opened up on the perceived media bias against her and the way she dressed. “I’m being criticized in the press every day for the things I do. Other girls will carry the exact same things I carry and they’ll get” So and look cute in a crop on her day out “and I get” Ariel er alt sammen i en skimpy outfit, endnu en gang “og det vil være mig, der bærer det samme som en anden person, der net blev rost og jeg blev skåret ned,” sagde hun til publikationen.

Mænd jeg slutter af dagen ved skuespilleren, at det kun er baggrundsstøj.

“That’s all we have to remember is the only person you’re going to please yourself. If you’re good at an outfit and you’re comfortable with the way you look, that’s all that matters, og du skal rocke det og føle dig glad for det, “forklarede hun.

Da alt hun var “beder om” var respekt

I 2015 published the 17-year-old winter a photo of herself in a bandeau bikini that stood together with his niece (both had blue life jacket). Much to her surprise, the apparently innocent picture represented a lot of negativity in the commentary that led Ariel to treat the slam shaming messages with a separate post.

“Hvem vidste, på et uskyldigt billede med mine nieser ville blive til dette?” Winter is a picture of a girl who carries different marked words. “Højden på en piges kjørt eller hvad hun selv har på sig betyder ikke hvad hun beder om. It sings me thinking about 17 years, a picture of myself with my nieces suggests that I’m asking for it. ‘ I usually do not give power to the significant things people say popularly on their computer screens on the Internet, but it’s for the girls who are constantly bullied, whether online or in school. You do not ask for anything because of what you’re wearing – you express yourself and never believe you deserve the negativity as a consequence of what you have – you are beautiful. Feel free to let yourself be thinking. !!!!! “

Who knew, at an innocent picture with my nieser would stay for this? Højden på en piges kjørt eller hvad hun selv har på sig betyder ikke hvad hun beder om. It sings me to think at 17 years, a picture of myself with my nieser suggests that I “pray for it”. I usually do not give power to the significant things people say popularly behind their computer screens on the internet, but it’s for the girls who constantly bully, whether online or in school. You do not ask anything because of what you are wearing, express yourself and never believe you deserve the negativity as a consequence of what you are wearing – you are beautiful. Fejr dig og lad ikke alles kommentarer give dig mulighed for at tænke mindre af dig selv. Us piger skal holde sammen!!!!!!

Et indlæg delt af ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) den