Alt du behøver at vide om at få en keratinbehandling

Just like contouring, strobing and ombre highlights are keratin treatments yet another subject that remains trendy in the beauty world and if one of your BFFs have ever tried it, chances are that she has not yet shut up for the magic it worked på hendes hår. If you blæser your threes feel more like playing tricks, you can take advantage of its leveling results, although the many in-salon and home versions can make the keratin world a bit harder to navigate. That’s why we’re going to Abraham Sprinkle to give us a collision course on everything you need to know before you get treatment, and most importantly how you keep it intact far after your salon agreement. First and foremost, you must determine if your hair type is right for service-curly and frizzy textures will see most benefits, while fine strings should avoid it completely. 

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Når det siges, hvad gør en keratinbehandling rent faktisk Gore? “Keratinbehandling udfylder hårets porøsitet, da overdrevent porøs hår forårsager tangles, frizz og brud,” forklarer Sprinkle. “Dit hår består af keratin, så behandlingen sætter proteinet tilbage i håret, som ofte går tabt på grund af alder og kemiske tjenester.”

Fordi it’s essential to rebuild the damaged areas, expect to see an increase in shine, less frizz and an easier styling process as a whole. Sørg for, at your consultation with your stylist in advance to determine the best formula, especially if you are a blonde, as each keratin treatment is not created evenly. “Some treatments with glycolic acid can change the tonality of hair color, so thorough consideration of these points is crucial,” Sprinkle tells us. “Hvis du er en blondine, se om salonen har en behandling for lysere hårfarver.”

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This aspect can be lost with home-home alternatives, which can be considered a one-size-passer version to the tailor-made treatment of the salon. “Hjemmets tjenester vil ikke give et tilpasset resultat,” siger Sprinkle. “The difference between the two comes down to the quality of keratin, and a professional knows what kind of treatment is best for your hair.”

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Immediately after your treatment, make sure to invest in a dry shampoo – for the keratin to live up to its promises, do not wash your hair or tie it back into a horse rack for at least 48 hours. You should also look at the ingredients in your current shampoo and conditioner lineup. “Sulfatfri formler er nøglen til lang levetid,” siger Sprinkle. “En producentens shampoo vil forlænge den på grund af at der er foretaget forskning, så shampoen ikke modvir behandlingen. Men hvad angår enhver keratininfunderet shampoo, hvis produktet indeholder sulfater, det har ingen fordel for dit hår.” Get a recommendation from your hairdresser or choose one of Keratin Complexs shampooer, as the brand has an in-salon treatment, which is used by most stylists. If you do your homework and use the right aftercare products, your treatment should last at least two months, possibly more depending on your hair type and how often you choose to foam up. Like any relationship, it will require engagement and perhaps one svag mængden af ​​internet stalking på din ende. Sprinkle siger: “It is important that you examine everything about the treatment you are considering and understand both the maintenance and post-regimen routine.”