Beyoncé åbner for første gang om at have tvillinger Rumi og Sir via Emergency C-Section

Beyoncé may well be the closest thing we have to an IRL celebrity superhero, but even with all the star power, she’s not immune to the pressure of how fans think her body should “look”. For september udgave af Vogue, she spelled her way to body’s acceptance in her own words and revealed how the difficult delivery of twins Rumi and Sir changed his perspective.  

“I was 218 pounds the day, I gave birth to Rumi and Sir. I was swallowed by toxemia and had been on my bed for more than a month. My health and my baby’s health was at risk so I had an emergency C section,” afslørede hun for første gang. 

Erfaringen satte hende i “survival mode”, og hun og hendes babyer brugte uger i NICU i efterdybningen. 

Beyonce September Vogue lead
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“After the C-section, it felt my core was different. It had been a big operation. Some of your organs moved temporarily and rarely removed temporarily during delivery,” she said. “I’m not sure everyone understands it. I needed time to heal, to get back. During my recovery I gave myself self-love and self-care, and I embraced to be curves. I accepted what my body desired individual.”

Beyoncé was released from the hospital, but the homework from the body acceptance, as she learned while they got back from her C-section, has held strong. 

Et indlæg delt af Beyoncé (@beyonce) den

“Jeg er min mand, skuldre, bryster og lår fyldigere. Jeg har en lille mommypose, og jeg er ikke i stand til at slippe af med det.” I think it’s right, “she said.” When I’m ready to get a six-pack, I will go to the zoo and work my ass until I have it. Mænd lige nu føler min lille FUPA og jeg, at vi skal være. “

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Du har hørt sine folk – FUPA’er har Beyoncé-stempelet til godkendelse. Endnu mere reason to love your own.