British Crooner James Bay på hans solgte tur og hans signaturstil

If you’re going to Google James Bay, you’re not the only one. Bare i denne uge har den britiske sanger-sanger, der kommer fra Hitchin, England, had a comical meeting with the American border squad when he came from Torono to N.Y.C. Med sin Wikipedia-side i fuld visning spurgte de: “Should we know who you are?” Til hvilket han svarede: “I think I’m working on it, so maybe next time you want.”

From its growing social media presence to its present-day American tour, we have a feeling that the long-haired crown with a signature style all his own will soon become highly recognizable as in the new household name. A part of the exploding British pop scene, which includes other artists like Tom Odell and George Ezra, has made a good splash last year thanks to chart-topping singles like “Hold Back the River” and “Let It Go.” , med hans første album Chaos og roen out stateside, himlen er grænsen. Vi fangede Bay forud for sit show på Irving Plaza i N.Y.C. Her er et uddrag fra vores chat:

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Heather Hawke til

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The last year has been a whirlwind for you, how has it been like that?? 

It has all been incredible. The simple brilliant things are when shows begin to sell out. You turn up and you play and they know all the words of all the songs. Det er den største følelse nogensinde. Bortset fra det er følelsen af ​​at spille i et stort rum med dit band og bare spille det højt for mange mennesker et ret euforisk øjeblik. 

Har du været træt af at synge dine populære sange som “Hold tilbage floden” og “Lad det gå” endnu? 

It’s still amazing, and it’s just a bit better at the moment. I’m sure it’s a little hard to avoid if you end up playing particular songs forever and forever, but you know I do not want to be that person. Jeg er heldig. At playing music and broadcast shows is an incredible existence and it’s not everyone’s work. I do not think I’m really tired of it.

You grew up in a small town in England and then went to a music school in Brighton, how many other singer-songwriters Tom Odell went.

Yes, we sort in indskrevet at the same time. He has had a lot of success, and it’s going well for me right now, so that’s just a coincidence. For a while, Brighton Institute of Modern Music was one of the only places in Britain where there were people who lectured, taught and worked there who had a real, genuine experience in the music industry. For somebody like myself, there had no idea that I just wanted to be a session guitarist or anything, I really just needed an apology, do not go and get a proper degree and just play more guitar. Brighton har en cool musik scene, og der er mange unge mennesker, der er kreative, og det er en god ting at leve omkring. 

If you were to describe your audio and music to someone who is not a fan yet, how would you like it? 

There are comparisons and there is talk of what I’m trying to do musical. That I’m looking for all music or I’m looking for, I just want something to move me. I just want something to get me to stop and really feel something so I try to do it with my music. I try to do it with songs and texts, create things that are honest and have good sound melodies. Men you know, I’m inspired by and have always been inspired by old [Rolling] Stones stuff, folk like Joe Cocker from back in the 70s and things like. 

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Heather Hawke til

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Last year I saw that Sam Smith made a Twitter chat, and he said he listened to you and George Ezra and a couple of others. Er der nogen up-and-comers du lytter til nu? 

Der er en fyr, der hedder Samm Henshaw, og han har en sang, der hedder “Jeg vil bare være med dig”, and I think he is about 20 years old, and he lives in London. I mean it sounds like a timeless classic. It sounds like it has been around for decades. It is brilliant, and he has this beautiful soulsome voice. Eva Stone, she’s a British artist, who has another amazing set of tubes. The guy who is on tour with us now, Marc Scibilia, I’m a fan of him and he’s not English! The States also have some amazing things going on. 

In another note, how long have you had your hair long? 

Most of my life since I was around 12. When I was 17, I got my hair clip really short and thought I should do it. I’ll do something else and I’m thinking about it now, but there’s no effort going into this. I put things in it, so it’s not too fluffy, but otherwise, the main reason is that I’ve decided to have the time that I do not have to do anything about it.

You always have a hat, it’s your signature appearance? 

Ja, i øjeblikket, I like the theater to be a musician, from Michael Jackson’s classic glove to Springsteen bandana and white vest. I’m not going to be a 35 year old guy with fat long hair, I’ll tell you. I’ll get it at last, and I will not always wear my hat.



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