Camila Cabello Reagerer til femte Harmony’s MTV VMAs Jab

Drama har været simmering siden Camila Cabello forlod pige gruppe Femte Harmoni i slutningen af ​​2016, en handling der opløst den femkantede harmoni-slash-girl gruppe i en kvartet

Rygerne om en fejd nåede en feberhøjde i august sidste år, da den firemedlems gruppe (sans Camila) trak en stunt under en optræden på MTVs Video Music Awards. As the song began, five figures stood on a platform on the scene with their backs facing the audience, but when they turned around, one was thrown into the air to land behind the platform.

Although the group has said that they did not intend performance should target the former member, the 20-year-old Cabello broen felt.

“Det har helt sikkert såret mine følelser,” fortalte “Havana” sangerinden New York Times Jeg et nyt interview. “I had not expected it, I was not prepared for it – especially because I had moved on from that moment. I was like:” What? Hvorfor? ‘”

“Jeg skal gøre plads til de gode ting, der skal ske i mit liv,” fortsatte hun. “I do not like to hold on to the past, especially when there are things that, in my opinion, are just petty.”

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Since turned out on its own, Cabello has learned to do things in his way. “I’ve wanted the best way to get something new and different just to be what you are,” she said. “If you pull from all the different small parts of yourself, nobody can replicate it.”

Camila, hvis selvbetegnede solo album falder fredag ​​($ 10;, siger overgangen har efterladt henne lidt tid til sig selv. “Even when there’s a day off, there’s never really a day off because there are so many decisions to be made and you’re always rushing to make things.”

Vi kan ikke vente med at høre de “ting” du har travlt med at lave, Camila!

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