Chloë Grace Moretz er alle i N.Y.C.

Chloë Grace Moretz tager New York City med storm og med en masse ben. Moretz stepped out in Big Apple today and donated very short khaki shorts, showing their endless legs, along with a black short-sleeved button and a Coach crossbody bag ($ 395; Det Naboer 2 stjerne accessorized med smarte hvide sneakers, en simpel sort choker og et par guld armbånd. 

Moretz er jeg i New York efter Toronto International Film Festival og Deauville Film Festival, hvor hun fremmer sin nyeste film, Brain on Fire. The star looks to focus on itself lately, after it calls it ends with Brooklyn Beckham and pulls out of all his future film roles. “I pulled out all my movies because I want to rethink who I am and find myself in my roles again,” she shared with The Hollywood Reporter. “Jeg er klar over, at jeg kan bremse.”

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She further explained her decision to at E! Online: “It’s not special Friday … I just get more accurate and special about what roles I choose,” she said. “Why not lean back, slowly, realize I’m 19 and go,” Hi, let’s make things that really really hit hard with who I am and help me figure out what it means to be a 19 -årig skuespiller hvem gør bare hendes ting. ‘”

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