Chokolade-Mauve Hair Er den nye farve trend blæser op på Instagram

Når rose guld og rige brunette krydser pollinere, er resultaterne udænkeligt smukke. Hannah Edelman, colorist og ejer af Brooklyn’s Brush in Hand Salon, I have just returned with her chocolate-mauve-hair color concept, and the commentators lost it right over the impressive fade in tone from rich brown to hot pink. I contrast to pastel enhjørning hair the ends are not so insanely pale that they look in place against the darker background. Edelman got some help from his friend Marlena to create the look, but the whole process took a couple of months to finish. “I started months earlier by lifting Marlena’s hair to a level 10, which is a very light blonde, and after four months I painted her roots to create a mixed transition, making this look low maintenance, so light hair is worried, “siger hun Med stil. “Tre måneder senere vendte hun tilbage, og hendes hårmaleri var stadig godt ud, så jeg bare nødt til at gøre hvad jeg kalder en flertallet maleri.” Bevæbnet med en håndfuld rose-tonede Pravana Vivids, smeltede Edelman farve sektioner, so the light brown would gradually fall in pink.

Har en mauvement med Marley Maurve ��

Et billede indsendt af Bushwick Brooklyn Hair Painter (@hannahthepainter) på

Den oprindelige skepsis er blevet fuldstændig besat. Jeg elsker dis hår, og jeg elsker denne dame! ��

Et billede indsendt af Bushwick Brooklyn Hair Painter (@hannahthepainter) på

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“I wanted to deepen near the nape area, so I concentrated the chocolate brown and deep mauve there. The colors gradually rose when I reached the top of the head, mostly mixed light brown to pink and mauve,” she explains. “I think, on the most striking piece, is the warm pink hair around Marlena’s face. When I melted the light brown in pink, it created the most beautiful salmon tone.” Selvom Marlena’s tråde tidligere had been lifted, the same result can be achieved on hair that is already dark, just remember that your ends must be a light blonde for the color display to show. If the ends are not bright enough, the warmer base can change the way the color appears, and eventually becomes dredged when it starts to fade. Alligevel, it’s a blick that flatters every skin as it blends both cool and warm tones, and provided you do the correct after-treatment steps, using sulphate-free and color-proof products, your hair cleans less you know it’s a bit of low maintenance. “I always recommend keeping your natural color in the root, and it’s a good option if you spent spring and summer lights, but want to try something new without any chemical damage,” she says. “The best part? The color will completely flare back to blonde at the time when spring rolls around.” Som altid vil du gerne vise din stylist et billede, så de får et bedre ide om dit mål, så sørg for at stjæle Edelmans Instagram Ægte hårdt på @HannahThePainter før din aftale.

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