Courtney Love lavede en overraskelse kom på sidste nat hævn

Med den nye viden, på Hævn will be canceled after this season’s last two episodes of air, we started last night with a heavy heart. Then we got a particular throwing credit our attention – what has Courtney Love done with recent events in the Hamptons?

Now that Victoria Grayson is out of the picture, the plot has certainly been an interesting. Emily er blevet indrammet i Victorias mord, og selv om der gives sikkerhed under sin retssag, slutter hun til strandhuset med en ankelarmbånd, der sikrer, at hun ikke går i stykker. Of course she does it and finds out that Victoria could still be alive. 

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Efter at have landet tilbage i en fængselscelle lige ved siden af ​​Margaux, kan Emily bekræfte, at Victoria ikke døde i eksplosionen som tidligere antaget. Emily then tells the new information to Ben, and even though he does not believe in her first, Louise proves a black hood that she found among Victoria’s possessions while preparing for the memory value.

Ben breaks into the home of Mary Gaines, a recently deceased woman, whom Victoria thought to have located in Grayson Manor when it exploded, and upon coming in, he sees Victoria, alive and well. Before he even has time to react, he is stabbed from behind, and his attacker turns out to be no other than … Courtney Love! Fordi attack has happened in the last few seconds of the episode, we’re not even sure if Hold Love is on yet, but one thing is certain: Next week’s final will definitely be one to see.

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