Den ekstreme migræne som kun kvinder får

If you have been unfortunate to experience migraines before, chances are you are a woman. Migraines are three times more likely to affect women than men after puberty. And among those who get migraines, they affect women more alvorligt also migraine, which is hormonally triggered by ascending and decreasing estrogen and progesterone levels, which occur most during puberty, menstruation and menopause.

Ja, menstruation migræne er en ting, og hvis du har en række smertefulde præmenstruale symptomer, kan du opleve og fejl det til regelmæssig PMS.

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Let’s start with the lovely reasons: Migraines are not just the headaches. They include a wide range of debilitating pre- and post-headache symptoms that may include nausea and photosensitivity or – when it comes to aura migraine-temporary partial loss of vision and blurred speech. De kan gøre dig irritabel, forårsage mærkelige madbehov, gøre din kropsside tingle og lav et mørkt stille rum, din eneste helligdom.

What does a menstrual migraine set apart from other forms? Først og fremmest timing. Fordi menstruation migraine triggered by a change in hormones, is the time to look after them in the days leading up to your time, says migraine expert Dr. Susan Hutchinson, advisor for the Migraine Stimulation Tag MigraineX. Dernæst ser Hutchinson on specific symptoms and how weak they must distinguish between PMS and a full-blown menstruation migraine. She will ask patients if their headaches are banked if they have avoided normal activities like exercise due to pain and if there is any degree of nausea or sensitivity to light. When the answer to all three is yes, these PMS symptoms are probably signs of hormonal migraine.

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There is no cure for reverse migraine and what distinguishes them from varies from person to person, so doctor works with patients for the treatment of symptoms with a combination of analgesics and preventive measures. The key to the balanced treatment is to find out what your trigger is because a menstrual migraine triggered by hormone changes will respond differently than a migraine triggered by a change in barometric pressure, stress or allergens.

“Den eneste måde en person kommer til at kende [deres udløsere] er ved at være deres egen detektiv,” siger Hutchinson. “Kig tilbage, når du får migræne, maybe 24 to 48 hours leading up to it, and think: Was there a change in the weather? Do you have Chinese food [which often contains migraine-releasing MSG]? And as a woman, it’s just Before my period? It’s a collaboration with my patients to find out these triggers, but they are those who keep a diary over all these things. “

At identificere, hvad der er fremkalder migræne for dig, er trin 1 for at finde den bedste behandlingsforløb. Common triggers include stress and rapid fall in barometric pressure, a.k.a weather. “Migræne sufferers have experienced a very sensitive nervous system, so changes externally in the environment or internally in their own body often trigger a cascade of migraine,” explains Hutchinson. Trykfaldet influences your inner ear and sinuses, why some migraine patients say they can tell when a storm comes before the weather man can. Once you determine the most likely trigger, verified by your healthcare provider, you can tailor your pain management method. For example, MigraineX reduces the ear intensity and the duration of weather-related migraines by slowing down the shift of atmospheric pressure drop.

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Når det kommer til menstruationsmigrainer, er der et muligt kilde til forebyggelse af lindring. Hormonally triggered migraine spurs mainly women while they are down and strike hardest when levels of estrogen and progesterone swings. Hormonal forebyggelse ændrer dit hormoniveau, hvilket afhænger af typen kan enten forværre eller forhindre migræne. Hvis Hutchinson’s menstruationmigrainepatients need contraceptives, she tends to prescribe them with a low dose of contraception (which means she tells patients to skip the placebo if taking pills) to try to keep the estrogen and progesterone levels stable. For patienter, der ikke har brug for prævention, foreslår hun at bruge østrogenplaster under menstruation.

Men she says: “You must be careful because hormones in a small percentage of women can worsen their headaches instead of help because the hormones in birth control pills are synthetic, they are not bio-identical. Estradiol (estrogen patches) are good to women because they are bio-identical, which means that it has the same make-up as a woman’s ovaries. “

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For women, experiencing eye migraine migraine that involves visual disturbances, also known aura migraine-however can take the pill dangerous. “If women have migraine with aura and we put her on birth control pills, there may be a slight increased risk of stroke,” warns Hutchinson, and encourages women who experience aura migraine to share this information with their contraception-seeking doctors. “Jeg vil gerne se disse kvinder omhyggeligt.”

Hun foreslår også triptaner som receptpligtig Imatrex eller over-the-counter acetaminophens som excedrin migræne. Supplements like magnesium (400-500 milligrams per day) can also help, she says, because many people who suffer from migraine have lower levels of magnesium in their bodies. If you take a fast dose of supplement, it can help reduce migraine frequency or even prevent menstrual migraine completely.