Det kongelige trick Meghan Markle og Kate Middleton bruges til at forhindre garderobefejl

A great effort goes out to ensure that the royal family sees the picture perfectly as they step out in front of a million eyes on royal excursions. They do not want to worry, they do not want to stumble, and they certainly will not have fashionfaux pas. Men lad os være ærlige, de kan ikke altid undgå det, især når vejret er involveret.

They will occasionally wear the elements, in their heels and gowns, while they smile, as regal as they may be, they can not control the rain or the snow. Gå figur.

Alligevel, it does not mean they do not have tricks to work around it. Even if it is sometimes impossible (see: this picture of a pregnant Kate Middleton in a dress and heels, jackless, dulling through a snowstorm), other times they can make it work. Especially when it’s windy.

Meghan and Kate skirts lead
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Flowy nederdele og kjoler kan være risikabelt når det er breezey, men Kat Middleton and Meghan Markle have reportedly a special secret of how they manage to prevent their clothes from being blown up by a gust of wind.

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Etiquette ekspert Myka Meier afslørede alt for Solen. “Ofte bærer de kropsdrag og klæder, which actually increases static, so it’s very hard for anything to fly up,” she said. “You’ve got an underclothes thing that’s almost like a body noise, there’s a tactic that’s used.”

Meghan and Kate skirts embed
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“I know when I went to school, we were taught that when you’re on the asphalt, make sure it does not fly up by wearing underwear that keeps the fabrics connected to your body,” Meier added. “Også underklædet ville blive valgt af den grund.”

For events, there are particularly blæsende or at risk for fashionfaux pas – such as En landingsbanen – er tyngre stofvalg nødvendigt. Unfortunately, Middleton learned the hard road during some of her earliest royal upturns, as when Jenny Packham’s dress blew around at Calgary Airport in 2011.

Kate Middleton Calgary airport embed
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Kate Middleton Calgary airport embed
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Jeg hver især ved hun bedre nu.