Do you want more confidence in your body this summer? Gå til en Nude Beach

I have felt a havbrise on my undercarriage, and I strongly support the sensation. (Lige siden Melissa McCarthy rydde over varmen fra hendes “undervogn” til et objekt af forførelse i Brudepiger, It’s been my election period for the area, but for those unaware if I’m talking about the bottom part: my step, okay?)

Last summer, I went to a clean optional resort in Jamaica on a solo trip, a half-dry half-life adventure. Lokal-Hedonism II i Negril-har en legende erotisk stemning og natlige festivaler (plus en bolle shop) hvor par og wannabe par kan forbinde. I did not leave my back on my belt, but I got something I could never have expected: a sunny, new DGAF attitude to my own body.

I do not like the assumption that every woman has problems with the body image, as they are delivered with your first bra or tampon purchase. Mænd over 31 års femaledom, I have discussed the subject with enough women to know that of course, body issues are more than common. I’ve been lucky enough not to have anyone bigger but surely there’s something I would change; some times and unfortunate picture at a bad angle will make me recover my laissez-faire approach to pasta and Cheetos. Alligevel hader jeg ikke min mellemstore, kurvede-i-good-spots-I-think-sorta-sandsynligvis krop. Det er jeg taknemmelig for.

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Kaitlin Menza

Of course there is a whole universe between not having the sight of yourself in a mirror and want to strip naked in the public on a strange stranger. I have always kept pause at the moment when I arrived at a regular beach with friends or family when we throw our towels and bags and umbrella and suddenly it’s time to take off all the clothes until I almost stand public in my Undertøj. Hvad et koncept! Hanging with my friends or my aunt and onkler, or on several occasions, colleagues, with the opportunity to glimpse a crooked nipple. How do we pretend that this is normal?!

I assumed, at the moment that was revealed, would be even more scary on a bare beach. So I took my time with it, removed my bikini top first and waited 45 minutes, then tear down the bottom. Bortset fra den øjeblikkelige overraskelse af vindfløjten mellem mine øvre lår, blev jeg ramt af hvor uensartet oplevelsen var fra den typiske klæde. En bikini er virkelig så lille stof til at begynde med. And when I finally was naked, nobody hit the nearby loungers even in sight. They had been naked all the time.

Det var ikke den lille triumf af udklædning, der gav mig selvtillidsforhøjelsen, which continues today; It looks like all the other people’s bodies. It may sound contradictory, but I got a boost just standing among them.

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Kaitlin Menza

Women at the resort varied in age from their early twenties to the middle of the sixties. Some of the younger couples were super-matched and chose probably the way to bless each other’s hard-earned traditional beauty. I ristede mine altomfattende frozen drinks to them. I admired the impossible sex dams over women’s stumps, or on the men, the V-shaped muscles that appear to point directly to their junk. De var som skulpturer, omhyggelige malerier. Kunst.

Mænd flertallet af mængden, which ultimately included me, did not try to be art. Vi var væggene. Our body was like furniture: functional, practical, something to rest on. The skræmmende sitting on a beach with 100 naked people wore off within about an hour, honestly, and I was left with only figures and objects.

I looked at them, of course I looked. After the first time, the woman’s nipples were no more shocking than men’s nipples, as I have always seen on the beach. Rørene gets lower and lower with age, but they are all kind of greasy, even when they are good ass! Some women have skam hair, some do not. I saw C-episodes and wandering bruises. Almost all women have some cellulite somewhere. Ingen plejet. Might have their own set of rules, a specific set of unspoken rules, but whatever the norm seemed, people looked at each other less, not more. I was worried that at men, especially the elderly, would scare me that I would feel their learning eyes on me. Mænd var virkelig ingen bekymret for min krop. All this meat slurred together, and my body was just a part of the blurred.

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Det føltes godt. On my lænestol, I stuck with my book and threw an arm relaxed over my head as I was photographed for a swimsuit catalog. I rolled over for a nap, though I know that the location would mean that my stomach would be unpleasant downward, what was the purpose of sucking it? Min krop er min krop er min krop. There is no Spanx on a nude beach, and who will I even wear them on? More importantly, it reminds me that for all our own strange body products rarely rarely uses much mental energy on us. You read this, do not care about my thighs, and I do not care about you and thank you for that.

The lesson I was left with regarding body positivity is not eloquent enough to appear in good typography on an Instagram slide, but her is it: Go hang out around naked people. If it’s not a nude resort in Jamaica, maybe it’s another nude beach – so many states have them! I had felt glimmers of this sensation in other cases where nudity was acceptable or expected, such as a high school or a hammam in Istanbul, where a gruffwoman scratched my bare breasts and the women’s breasts were naked close to the layers in our skin came out. Hvis du tilfældigvis finder dig selv i Tyrkiet, anbefaler jeg den oplevelse. These women do not care about your nakedness.

If your room or spa is too much, just look at pictures or paintings of naked people or strip down at home! Courbet’s “L’Origine du Monde” med generøse lår der konvergerer med skindkæbe eller Rembrandt’s “Bathsheba at Her Bath” med hendes blødende mave eller nogen nøgne kvindelige Rubens og hendes lumpy kærlighedshåndtag. They are the master of western art, not because they invented flawless bodies with their brushes, but because they turned normality to majesty.

Måske tror du ikke, at din maveruller er så majestætiske. Mænd de is so almindeligt, at de ærligt er næsten kedelige. You can come to this conclusion, as you will have – for me it was to see believing.