Donald Trump omtalte #MeToo for første gang – for at gøre en joke af det

Endelig har præsident Trump taget fat på den voksende # MeToo-bevægelse, der tales til forekomsten af ​​seksuelle overgreb i vores land.

Only he did not go up to congratulate the motions of the movement or highlight the positive changes it has been made. Jeg stedet nævnte han bevægelsen, så han kunne mocke “#MeToo generation” for deres følsomhed.

Præsident Trump Holds Rally In Great Falls, Montana
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Mens he spoke at a rally in Montana, chose Trump to return to one of his favorite subjects: The Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Heritage. In the same way as his torture against Barack Obama over his birthplace, Trump has a strange obsession with Warren’s claim that she is a part of Indians. He has been called to call Warren’s “Pocahontas”, and in his latest diatribe he suggested that the senator undergo a DNA test – or rather that he will force her to take one if he and Warren ever head for jeg en debat. Her er hvad han sagde:

“Når hun proklamerer, er hun af indisk arv, fordi hendes mor siger, at hun har høj kindben – it’s her only evidence that her mother said she had high cheekbones. We take the little [DNA] kit – but we must do caution, because we are #MeToo generation, so we must be very gentle – and we will meget forsigtigt tag det kit og vi vil langsomt throw it, hope it does not hit her and damage her arm, even if it only weighs probably two ounces. And we will say, “I will give you one million dollars for your favorite charity, paid by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you are an Indian.”

Ufølsomme kommentarer om indfødte amerikanere – as Trump rejects referring to the “Indian” coast, the President clearly undermines the values ​​of the # MeToo movement by implying that supporters and those who have come across their own experiences with sexual assault are all for sensitive, rather than what they really are – which is incredibly brave.

I consider Trumps own difficult story with the question of harassment and abuse (he has been accused of multiple women with sexual abuse), we did not expect anything better, but we had hoped we had failed.