Drake’s Instagram med Taylor Swift Gør Internet Freak Out

It was Instagram heard around the world: In very important news today, Instagrammed drank a photo of himself with Taylor Swift .

Jeg snap har duoen vendt ryggen til kameraet, men synes at være engageret i en meget vigtig samtale. Baseret på Swift’s outfit, the bill is probably from rapper’s 30th birthday, which took place on October 23th. She has the very sexy bandeau and skirt ensemble with metallic temporary tattoos in full view, while Drake is adorned in a dark velvet suits.

“Er det fløjl?” Han billedet snapshotet sammen med en lyserød blomst emoji.

Er det fløjl? ��

Et billede indsendt af champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) på

According to reports, Drake and Swift have recently been collected in the studio to record (what we surely want to be very different, but absolutely amazing) music. Folk har blandede følelser om samarbejdet. Drakes kommentar sektion is a mix of comments in line with “unfollow, blocked, deleting all songs from my playlist” and “do not listen to the hats, I love you together.”

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We are still waiting for words from Swift about their own new music, but things seem to move in the right direction thanks to this potential cooperation. Med 11 Grammys mellem duoen er det garanteret, at deres medvirkede sange vil være værd at høre.

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