Du skal se Lupita Nyongs smukke nye frisør

Lupita Nyong’o is never one to go away from a daring beauty, but we have never seen her like this before! I go was starred spotted out in New York City with long, under-shoulder twitches. It is a dramatic change from her trademark crop, but to be fair, even though she worked shorter styles, Nyong’o had no reservations about experimenting with her appearance. “I love at work with Lupita because it’s really fun to come together to find out what her look will be”, said her hairdresser Ted Gibson earlier. “I can not get over how each time, even though she has short hair, I’m able to create something new with her.” We are not sure if an upcoming role was responsible for the change, but she also looks on both sides.

FOTO: Se flere Celebrity Hair Makeovers fra 2015

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