Et let Barrette Look, der er sjokkerende Chic

If the last time you rocked a gold barre, you had a little scrunchie in your hair and gnarly holding your mouth, it’s time you lifted your head up.

På Célines spring show, the hair was loosely pulled back in an elegant half, half down. Og holder den på plads? En elegant cirkulær guldbarrette lavet af designer. “It’s amazing how the simple hair accessory can raise this simple hairstyle into something super rich and modern,” says Guido, creative consultant at Redken.

FOTO: Ny hår 2015: Se Celebrity Hair Makeovers!

Efter en betydelig grave og klikning fandt vi en barrette ($ 56;, der næsten er identisk med den, der blev brugt hos Céline. If you are looking for more immediate satisfaction, try this simple style hack: Take a pair of old gold-plated earrings (even better if you’ve lost one of them) and cut the post with a pair of wire cutters. Klem end together and nestle it into your hair using one or two small bobby pins to match your hair color to secure it in place. Husk: Som med stort set all hair accessories, this fluid golden circle works best when it is more decorative than functional. Use a clear elastic to make the heavy lift.

FOTO: Hot DIY Hår Tilbehør