Fra en InStyle Editor: Jeg omarbejdede min mors bryllupsdrage og brakte den til min øvelsesmiddag

Med Bridal Fashion Week kommer snart, spurgte vi vores bosiddende nygifte, seniorredaktør Sharon Clott Kanter, for at dele et af hendes mest mindeværdige brude mode-øjeblikke.

The first time I saw my mother’s wedding dress, it looked terrible – the blonde had become yellow, it smelled wrong from being stashed in a cedar chest since 1981, and the style was 80’s overload with its long neck, long sleeves and a train that lignede en superhelt cape. Men det var min mors og jeg var helt forelsket i det.

Hun var hund ikke. “I wanted to see you since you became engaged,” she told me when I visited my parents ‘house in Havertown, Pa., Under the first of many wedding planning homes. “Now where you have, I will throw it away.” Jeg råbte. “Det sker ikke!” I answered, as fun as I could. I had no plan and no vision, but I could not participate with it yet.

Min mor lader mig tage kjole tilbage til min lejlighed i New York City. Jeg begyndte straks at brainstorme ways i could use it for my own wedding. Maybe I could take some of the fabric and sew it in my dress for my “something old”? Maybe I could use the fabric to pack my buket? Maybe I could cut it up and carry it to my exercise dinner? Ja, det var det. I thought wearing her wedding on my wedding weekend would be a meaningful way to thank my mother for making all my own wedding dreams come true.

The project was officially commenced.

Først måtte den gule gå. Jeg besøgte tre forskellige farvestofspecialister i N.Y.C., men ingen ville være enige om at fastsætte det. Fordi kjole var 33 år gammel was the risk of the drug getting worse for anyone to wear. Udsigterne var dystre, so with a little Googling, I found out that OxyClean could work. After several bleeding in cold water, dress was white again. (En ekstra bonus? Denne proces tog også lugten ud.)

Så måtte jeg de-80’ere det. With the restored white dress in my hand I went to my regular place, Ban’s Tailor in Upper East Side, to the last hand. I knew exactly what I wanted – to give a modern update while wearing the original details – and he said it would make him two fittings to complete. Første gang bad jeg ham om at klippe ærmerne og det meste af nederdelen. One week later he finished his hem and sculpted the neck, so it highlighted my collar bone. When I picked it up from its store, I could not believe how much it had changed. It looked sensational, even on a hanger. Final costs of alternatives: Less than the dresses I had been considering buying!

When I pulled it out for my practice dinner last several weeks later, I felt as if it could not have been better. I packed a cartoon picture of my mother’s dress in my Marchesa-Link and showed guests before and after shots all night. Alle så så overraskede over hvor godt det viste sig, including the few people who had been at my parents ‘wedding and seen it the first time.

Ingen så så glad som min mor.

At the end of the evening she told me, at the reworking of her dress, the world meant for her. “I can remember wearing that dress, so it was really emotional to see my little girl in it,” said she to me. “I can not believe how beautiful you look – and how much better it looks at you than it did to me!”

Sharon Clott Wedding Rehearsal Dress
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