Gabrielle Union siger, at hun er steget mere end få ting fra at være Mary Jane’s Garderobe

Gabrielle Unions nye linje til New York & Company er endelig kommet, og ikke kun vil du have alle ting – du har faktisk råd til dem. Det Hos Mary Jane stjernens mission som modedesigner er enkel og relatabel: “I want to make easy to wear, light fit and comfortable clothes that you can carry from work to the club and it does not feel like it attacks you” she told Med stil. Amen til det.

Den skuespillerindeindstillede designer was particularly excited about creating the line for New York & Co. because she is not the first Union working with the brand. “My sister used to work there when she was in high school and worked up to management, and I had always affiliated with the company to be a boss bitch,” said she. “There is a line that has existed for my family forever. And then when they asked to cooperate on a line, I was like: ‘Oh my God!’ It was as part of my foundation, so it was easy and organic. They are a company that believes in genuine cooperation, not just: ‘Here you have to keep your name on this’ so I’m part of everything from materiale til dimensionering til at passe. Jeg er guinea pig. If I have problems, I’m like ‘This is too complicated.’ “

Gabrielle Union Lead
Courtesy New York & Company

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Stjernens passende titel Union collection is created with women in any background and economic console in mind. “New York og Company er stort set meget overkommelige,” sagde hun. “Mænd selv med min egen familie er det som” Yes, I can only get a piece … I would like to get as many pieces of a wardrobe as possible, but I just wish it was a bit more accessible … ‘ Så jeg lyttede, da folk klagede. Nogle mennesker hører bare klager. I hear constructive criticism, and I try to adjust it as much as possible. Like people, like: ‘We need expanded sizes, we need several different sizes,’ and I heard you very clearly and I offer it. ‘

For at fejre den mangfoldige ånd, der driver modelinjen, rekrutterede Unionen sine kvindelige medstjerner fra BET Hos Mary Jane på model hendes tøj.

“I thought, who better reflect the shape of the body, diversity that the line includes? Who better to be face with fly, dope, boss-women than my cast? And who can own Tøj, i modsætning til tøjet der ejer dem? Min kaste på BMJ.”

Den mega-populære serie afsluttes senere i år med en to-timers finalfilm, og Gabrielle ser NY & Co.-kampagnen som en “sidste hurray” for hendes familie af kvindelige medstjerner.

“It’s my thanks to those who want them and ask them to join this ad campaign,” she said.

Gabrielle Union Embed
Courtesy New York & Company

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Together with her, she said, “She’s been good since 2013.” It’s as if a friend will move away at the end of summer, so you’ll try again at least as much of the relationship as possible, “she said.

Mænd for hvor bekendt Union har været med Mary Jane Paul, she is the first to admit that the fictional newsanker has its mistakes. “She is funny, she is mistaken, she did not learn quickly. You have a good time to destroy, and I’m like ‘I think I got the message, I got the lesson there.’ Mary Jane laver fejl igen og igen. Hun er den ven, vi elsker at hader, og vi hilser på elske nogle gange – men vi ser hende. “

If there is a thing like Union and her television counterparts, it’s still style. “Every season is the disappearance,” said Union, referring to its adjusted wardrobe, “and you can find them in my home.”

“I almost want to archive them somewhere, as the most iconic appearance from Mary Jane,”Union fortalte os.” I do not know if I’m ready to go away from his closet. “