Gravide Khloé Kardashian beder fotografer til politisk tilbage i lufthavnen

Khloé Kardashian ved at hun simpelthen er en Kar-Jenner, means she is photographed everywhere she goes, but the pregnant reality star asks Paparazzi to take a few steps back, at least while she expects. First time, Mother-to-be wrote a terrible plea on Twitter Sunday, asking photographers to leave her alone at the airport.

“Ønsker virkelig, at Paparazzi ville forstå, hvor svært flyvende der er på min krop lige nu. It’s the only time i feel incredibly exhausted, upset and nauseated. Screaming rude things and take my picture when I already want to skit, jeg kan virkelig gøre uden. At least be [quiet], if you’re going, “she wrote.

“I know, it comes with the territory, and I hate when people complain about things like that. But while I’m pregnant, I’ll love some boundaries with paparazzi. I know it will not happen, but here’s putting it jeg universet. “

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Stjernen modtog stor applaus på Twitter for sin hjertelige anmodning, selv svarede tilbage til fans. “Tak kærlighed!” Skrev hun tilbage til et svar. “I do not think that the airport will be a little too hectic and scary to me, TBH.” I’m sorry, but people are respectful. They try to get the worst shot for that purpose. “

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Since publication of her pregnancy in December, Kardashian has been vocal about the changes in her body. “Jeg har nu cellulite på mine ben! Cute! Sød!” Skrev hun. “I’ve wanted to, I’ve always had cellulite, but it’s far more prominent at the moment.”

Rekvisitter til Khlo for keeping it right.

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