Heidi Klum’s new badetøjslinje makes you run for summer

Da Nordøst packs on to stand over for winter storm Jonas, Heidi Klum takes it all out. The 42-year-old entrepreneur and mother to three take a nose dive into the world of swimwear with Heidi Klum Swim, a new collection that will soon be beach and poolside favorites that fall in October.

Photographed by Rankin, the first, newly published campaign picture, finds Klum what she does best: killing modeling game. Jeg billedet (over), det Projekt landingsbane værten giver kameraet en sultrig stirre, mens du sporter og sorterer et stykke (sammen med fejlfri tonede ben).

Linen er Klum’s latest collaboration with Bendon, the company behind Heidi Klum Intimates, and she first gave us a taste of what happened last week via Instagram by sharing a picture of herself, Rankin and Heidi Klum Swim crew in a crystal clear blå pool (under). With regard to the pieces: Prices will range from $ 70 to $ 240, and you can look forward to cover-ups and swimstaples that vary in color and fit (think strategic cutouts, summer nuances, original prints and hardware).

Opbevar ting der kommer … Heidi Klum Svømning lancerer denne sommer ��☀️ @rankinarchive @heidiklumintimates #heidiklumswim

Et billede indsendt af Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) på

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Marker dine kalendere-Heidi Klum Swim er sat til at falde i den sydlige halvkugle i juli og på den nordlige halvkugle i oktober.

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