Hillary Clinton has the best response to her “Debat Dance-Off” with Ken Bone

Da præsidentkandidat Hillary Clinton stoppede ved Ellen DeGeneres Show for fredagens episode havde taleshowværten en episk overraskelse venter på henne. DeGeneres had her hold on the latest presidential dialogue for a “dance-off” between Clinton and viral sensation Ken Bone, aka the man in the red sweater.

“It was clear that at the winner of this debate was the guy in the red shirt Ken Bone. For some reason, nobody speaks about this moment, but we must show it,” said DeGeneres to introduce the hilarious clip, which shows changed recordings of the duo, showing a series of incredible dance moves.

Præsidentkandidaten kunne ikke stoppe med at grine. “It was the best dance I have ever done. He was not bad either.” We were good together, “she said.

Talk show hoster også Clinton, hvad hun ønsker for hendes 69 års fødselsdag den 26. oktober. “I have more wishes. One of them naturally includes the election,” she said. “I really wish that I become the president that our country needs right now. It’s my deepest hope.”

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“Think about it this way: I’ll be the youngest woman ever chosen president of the United States,” she laughed. Se det episke danseslag i videoen øverst.

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