Hold op, det er blevet 15 år siden Jake Gyllenhaal berømte os i Bubble Boy-Læs InStyles 2001 Interview med Star

Han har været en Jarhead, en Nightcrawler og en Southpaw, men det er muligt, at Jake Gyllenhaals mest undervurderede rolle skete, før han får en seks-pack. Believe it or ej, today marks 15 years ago the actor starred in that stupid cult classic, Bubble Boy, og vi kunne ikke lade jubilæet gå uden en lille film flashback.

The priest of the film was as far as the title suggests, but Gyllenhaal brought a similarity and charm to a role that would have fallen flat for just about everyone else. If you need a refreshment, starred Jimmy Livingston, an awkward but sweet guy, that’s mainly allergic to everything, forcing him to live in quarantine, you guessed it, an actual bubble. Men when the love of his life, Chloe, played by the girl of the early murderer Marley Shelton, goes out to be married, Jimmy goes to the real world for the first time to try to win her back and hilarity.

Selv om Bubble Boy did not get the same (or any) kritisk anerkendelse som Gyllenhaals mest mindeværdige film (Brokeback Mountain, Fanger), there is something fangling about watching him show his bright-haired side on the screen, especially so early in his career. For at fejre filmen jubilæum og den første gang vi faldt til Gyllenhaals ugly grin åbner vi op Med stil archiver and looks back on our August 2001 feature with the then 20-year-old, where he told us all about his own firsts-first car, first crush and even first kiss. Læs videre for at høre, hvad skuespilleren (sæt nedenfor med Shelton på Bubble Boy‘s L.A. premiere) delte om disse milepæle og mere.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Bubble Boy Premiere - Embed 2016

Første job
“En sommer på Marthas Vineyard, jeg var en livredder fra 9 til 5, så en buskjole og sous-kok fra 5:30 til 12:30.”

Første bil
“En 1990 maroon Volvo. Jeg har en flair for det verdslige.”

Første tilstand gennembrud
“Da jeg var i syvende klasse, I bought this really scary leather vest. I had it too.”

Første Crush
“Jeg havde en model fase, så en ting for Alyssa Milano og Christina Applegate. Men jeg var forelsket i Martha Plimpton.”

Første øjekast
“I love to see the back of a woman’s neck or her collar, the areas are very sexy. I’m not attracted to a woman who shows it all but I know that if we were together in a relationship, I would be the only one who gets the intimacy. Clothes that show just enough are the best. “

Første dato
“Be sick and greasy at first, then go for dinner and film stuff. Do something active and original.”

Første kus
“I was on my friend’s birthday party on a bowling alley, and this girl grabbed me, pulled me outside, pushed me up against a car and stabbed my tongue down. I was in the eighth grade.”

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