Hvad er Amber Valletta’s Secret til at føle 20 hele tiden igen?

Since her days on the runway, Amber Valletta has long been a style museum for ours. At 40, Valetta is as amazing as the day she first hit the catwalk, and when it comes to her ultimate anti-aging tip, the change in hair! Jeg går aftes ved H & M Conscious Collection Launch i West Hollywood, CA, og stjernen overraskede os med debut af hendes pixie cut, som hun kompenserede med store slag. “I’ve wanted to, I look like I did when I got my hair from the first time when I was 20” she tells us and notes that the change comes to her upcoming role in the TV show Legends. “I mean, withmindre I know I’m not 20, but I want to:” Oh, there’s that girl again, but she’s a woman now! Jeg føler mig bare modig, helt sikkert. “

Even though the last short hardend has triggered a few celebrity spiers (Here you see Julianne Hough!), Valletta guarantees us that there was no inspiration for her new ‘do’. “I was so irritated, at all their hair because I did not want people to believe I follow the trend, and so I was like” Who cares? “I started the trend when I was 20, so that’s fine!” She adds.

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“Jeg har lyst til at I look like I did the first time, I hit my hair when I was 20.” – @AmberValletta på hendes nye pixie cut

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— Carita Rizzo