Hvem viste sig for at blive sat af Camp-X-Ray? Spøgelser!

Da Kristen Stewart led to a prison in Los Angeles to shoot Camp X-Ray, She expected, at her role as a soldier, turning to a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay, would be intense – but she had no idea that ghost hunting would be a part of the job. Spend almost one month on the set of an abandoned detention center, Stewart and her fellow stars found themselves more and more spooked when they filmed the powerful drama. We were hit by this year’s Sundance Film Festival, where they filled us with the most spooking bag-scenes moments from the movie out now.

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En nat efter optagelsen fik de skumle omgivelser det bedste af Stewart. “It was really sent, and I had to blow steam and stay alone for a second,” she recalls. “Jeg gik selv tilbage til min trailer, og jeg begyndte at køre. I think I myself said: ‘Let me be alone! I do not care!’ As I ran. ‘

Spøgelserne på sæt were not all scary, and Stewart believes that one of them helped her to impress her male co-stars on the basketball court during breaks. “I felt literally speaking that the court was haunted and a little boy was like:” I’ll have the girl win and piss off all the dudes on the set, “she said. And when they did not practice their free throw, the cast took part “We went bowling a lot, and we built a golf course in prison,” said co-star Lane Garrison, who plays a prison watch in the movie. “Kristen er en fantastisk golfspiller!”

FOTO: Kristen Stewarts ændrede udseende

Se trailer til film nedenfor, og tjek Camp X-Ray, jeg teatre og på VOD nu.

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