Hver eneste fyr i dit liv vil elske disse Birchbox Man Abonnementsgaver

gav Guide Birchbox Men

Jonathan Borge

Dec 08, 2017 @ 16:00
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Everyone loves to feel and look good, right? Husk, når det er tid til at shoppe for den heldige fyr i dit liv. Han kan være i sport, mode, gal, kunst eller hvad som helst, but in the end he will like you, rinse foam, repeat.

Therefore, our biggest proposal for the gift that continues to provide, found in a subscription to Birchbox Man. For en overkommelig $ 10 månedlig abonnement (gratis forsendelse, folk), vil din fyr modtage et editor-værdigt udvalg af plejeprodukter designet til at gøre alles liv til en leg.

Everything included is tailored to different groups of men, and your door-to-door finder is everything from hair styling to moisturizer to tweezers and back. The advantage is no month, so he will come to try new products and finally pick up which are his tried and true favorites.

Generally they are small enough and perfect for travel. If he is not in it, he can cancel at any time.

VIDEO: Er månedlige abonnementskasser værd at omkostningerne?

Besøg birchbox.com for at work – and if you’re not convinced that one month to month is worth it, roll for one-off curated collections that still get the job done.