Hvordan Christina Aguilera reagerede på Kylie Jenner’s “Dirrty” Halloween Costume

Denne Halloweekend, Kylie Jenner partied som det var 2002 og bragte popkultur perfektion til den uhyggelige ferie i form af det ultimative “Dirrty” kostume. And now the real Xtina has divided its own to cent on the look.

On Saturday night, the teenage star killed the iconic ensemble of Christina Aguileras risqué early 2000’s hit music video with an incredibly precise red and white striped bikini top, red boots and black and red leather hoods – and we’re not the only ones who think so! Xtina selv udtrykte sin godkendelse af den 19-årige’s look i en Instagram post på søndag.

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“‘YAASSSSS,'” skrev den platinhårede sanger i billedet af et teenageår, der blev udsmykket til perfektion. “Killin det @kyliejenner. Ja til dirrty 2016 !!”

Jenner was also completely nailed early in the 00s Christina’s beauty clip with blue contacts and platinum hair excited with black extensions and holes in holes.

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“Få det girrrl !!!” Aguilera tilføjet.

Jenner og popdivaen giver os alle slags nostalgi. It seems to be time to see if the music video is the time trial.

Se Aguilera’s “Dirrty” musikvideo ovenfor.

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