Hvordan man går rødt som peberpotts

Hvis du læser dette indlæg, er du chancerne Iron Man 2 this weekend – or have plans to do it as soon as possible – and wonder Pepper Potts (spillet af den dejlige Gwyneth Paltrow) blødt, jordbærblondt hår. We loved the delicate nuance so much that we asked the celebrity color Marie Robinson (who has just opened his own salon in New York City!) all you need to know to pull it away.

InStyle.com: Hvem arbejder skyggen på?

MR: Anyone who is fair with pink or yellow undertones in their skin – the color can actually make them look more sunburned. Only thing is, if your hair is natural dark brown, it can get fried very easily. It’s really best for those with blonde to light brown hair.

InStyle.com: Hvilken retning skal du give din colorist?

MR: Bed om en jordbærblond med en kombination af lyserød og varm guldtoner.

InStyle.com: Eventuelle råd til vedligeholdelse?

MR: It’s actually a low maintenance shadow of red, so you do not glosser between touch-ups. If you find it fake, add a copper, redforesting shampoo to your routine or rinse with cranberry juice, which will ensure that the color stays more rosy than orange.

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