Hvorfor Blindspot’s Jaimie Alexander elsker hendes tegnets tatoveringer: “If I was not an actress, I would be honored”

NBC s Blinde vinkel is back to the second rate of his first season, and we get where we get off with Jane Doe (played by Jaimie Alexander) and her mysterious past. For Alexander betyder gengivelsen af ​​showet glidende tilbage i hendes tegns helkropsdatter. We caught up with her to get the clue how it’s getting all the ink painted on. Then can she look too? “Jeg elsker absolut det,” sagde hun. “If I was not a actress, I would be completely honed. Almost everyone I work with is covered by tats.”

Alexander siger, at der hund er tidspunkter, hvor hendes fauxblæk udgør rødt tæppel dilemmaer. “I had a rainbow-colored Armani dress to Emmy’s last year, which I chose partly because I had to hide body painting as I could not get it all over when I had to show up for the prices,” explains. “It turned out to be the second heaviest dress they’ve ever made.”

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En anden garderobe hemmelig fra Blinde vinkel sæt? Due to the long application time, Alexander only has the fake tattoos on skin areas that will be exposed to the camera. “It takes eight hours to apply it from head to toe,” she says. “Så de fleste dage, when I wear three quarters of sleeves, we just do it high enough on my arms, so it looks realistic if my sleeve is pulled up. When I play movie games, we make sure you do not. I do not see min torso, da jeg normalt ikke har tatoveringer over. I have a tank top under my shirt and put it in my pants so it does not ride up. “

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