Hvorfor Fluid Hair Painting er den nye fremhævende trend at vide om

Der er en helt ny måde at nå dine babylys på, og hvis du er heldig, vil du sandsynligvis kunne snige sig i en lur under processen – or at least feel like Kendall Jenner in the now infamous antenna Instagram. Fluid hårmaleri, en fremhævningsmetode skabt af frisør Kaite Lyn Christoffersen i Michigans Frække Strut Salon, implies having the client lay down on a table while the color list creates a handful of varying tones. The result is a head of naturally known highlights with a boundary that is seen.

Hr. Whisperer, metoden var en, der kom til Christoffersen i en drøm. “I actually had a dream about staining hair that burned out and thought it would be so amazing to have that kind of control over your hair while you overdrive it in different ways,” she says Med stil. “The finished result, you get, is very fluid in motion. That’s why we called the fluid hair painting, and when you release your hair from being over-directed, it creates this shift in color so you can not really see how the highlight is coming from .” Just as your hair took on several tones after too much time in the sun as a child, the final color is full of dimension and motion..

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The entire process takes anywhere from 45 minutes to one time and is much easier on the head than heavy foils. Efter blegemiddelet påføres farve efter behov, efterfulgt af en håndfuld Pravana ChromaSilk Express Tones. You can get the color touched in your spare time, depending on how you like to see it grow out. Christoffersen has got some clients to come in just once a year between glossy treatments – just make sure to add hydrerende products to your finishing.

Christoffersen has practiced fluid hair painting for almost two years, but the technique quickly became viral after an introduction to Instagram launched a thousand experiments on the method that all fill the #FluidHairPainting hashtag. Due to demand, she actually develops a custom adjustable table provided with a padded head restraint for the client to lay on, and will begin a national tour to teach classes of fluid coating from January. Stylist, who is interested in taking a class, go to cheekystrut.com to check when Kaite Lyn and her team will be in a place near you and if you are eager to get the service done , skal du begynde at stalkle #FluidHairPainting taggen som det er din mand Instagram. Countless stylists try their own hands on the method, though Christoffersen hopes that the tendency becomes more widespread when she works to get more samples certified. “It’s a way you can create truly organic, beautiful, natural looking color tailored to you as an individual,” she adds. “You get a variety of different tones with one application, and it’s an enjoyable process for both the stylist and the client.”

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