Hvorfor Khloé Kardashian glemmer aldrig at se Kylie Jenner Give Birth

Khloé Kardashian can literally be in work, according to TMZ, but the process of seeing a new child into this world is not entirely new to her.

Ja, barnet hun har båret i de sidste ni måneder er faktisk først med kæresten Tristan Thompson (og hendes første baby generelt). Mænd Kardashian har oplevet graviditetscyklussen kommer fuld cirkel thanks to her sisters, most of whom have had children-Kendall Jenner excluded. I have a new post on her website, opening Khloé on how it was to see Kourtney, Kim and Kylie’s food, and why one sister’s delivery was special special.

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“I’ve been so lucky to be in work and supply room for each and every one of my sisters supplies,” she shared. “I would say, at the most significant experience, when I saw Kylie for food. I was six months pregnant, so it was much more real because I knew I should do it in three months. You do not miss a stroke Når du ved, skal du gøre det snart! “

So how did Kylie’s work make her feel? “Mænd har sagt det … I do not think it’s wise to see another person born when you’re pregnant, LOL,” she added. Mens Khloe did not even say that she’s sorry to see, at Kylie’s birth, we can imagine, knowing someone else, pushing a baby when you’re just a couple of months shy of doing that can be difficult.

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However, Khloe seems to be very ready to welcome her girl. Mandag tog henne til Instagram for at dele et billede af hende og Thompson og skrev: “We are ready when you are little mom.”

Vi er klar, når du er lille mor ��

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