I Victoria’s Secret Models ‘præ-show træning

Vi gik bagud på Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show i Paris for at finde nogle af vores foretrukne VS-modeller, der dækker alt fra det mærkeligste emne, de pakket til deres vanvittige højtintensive præ-show træningsrutiner. When it comes to everything, when you prepare a show, where you show en masse af hud, you want to make sure what you are showing in tip-top form. 

Alessandra Ambrosio går i hendes 16. show this year and is clearly a proffesion to be prepared for the big day. “I do a lot of yoga throughout the year, but a friend of mine told me to try Tracy Anderson, and I went to the studio, and I fell in love with it because it’s all about music,” she revealed. “I love music and it was about dancing and I felt like a teenager dancing … it brings me back to my club bed and you come to listen to music and sweat and be healthy.” Mens træningen kan lyde sjovt, fortalte Ambrosio os ikke at undervurdere dens intensitet: “It’s so difficult it’s on another level. It’s definitely the toughest workout I’ve ever done in my life.”

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Stella Maxwell arbejder også hårdt på at se ikke bare tyndt, men passer, magert og sundt for showet. “I’m training my personal coach for most days and just trying to eat really clean. It’s for strength. I’m not doing so much because I’m already so thin, so my goal is not to lose weight. It’s winning lean muskel. “

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Ambrosio even brought some training equipment with her to the light city, “Pilates call her legs,” she said Med stil, as well as “ankle weights that Tracy lets me take from the studio so I’m going to work out in my room.” Maxwell has also experienced the inner thigh burning thanks to the training she hates to love and loves hater: “All exercises with the bands around the ankles, they are so killer and they are so good at your ass, but they hurt. “

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